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이 름
Miami 2018-07-16 02:18:13
제 목 큐바의 민주화와 자유화를 위해 싸운다.. 릭스캇 연방상원후보
미국연방상원부호 릭스캇(후로리다주지사)은 큐바의 민주화와 자유를 위해 싸울 것을 아래와 같이 발표했다. 향후 릭스캇이 상원의원이 될 경우, 큐바의 민주화를 위한 적극적 개입이 예상되며, 20년전 미국항공기를 격추하여 3명의 미국시민이 죽은 사건을 재 조사하고 격추명령을 내린 큐바 라울정부를 고소하여 국제법정에 세운다고 발표했다.

더불어 베네수엘라와 니카라구와 독재정부들에게도 경고했다.

While our great nation is by no means the first nation to embrace the tenants of democracy, we are blessed to be the most robust and most prosperous Democracy in the world. That blessing affords us amazing opportunities, and it endows us with great responsibility.

Domestically, we must protect our borders and provide for our people. Internationally, we must promote and defend freedom for those who are oppressed by unmerciful regimes. We saw the example set by President Ronald Reagan and his fight against Communism in the 1980's, and we must carry that fight forward in our own time.

I was, and still am, opposed to the deal that President Obama struck with the illegal regime on the island of Cuba. Easing the sanctions on Cuba only serves to legitimize and sustain a brutal dictatorship that has oppressed and imprisoned its people for far too long.

As Florida's Governor, I have worked closely with those who have been victimized for generations by the Castros and now by Miguel Díaz-Canel (who is no better). I have met with desperate people who have risked their lives to escape to America. The people of Cuba are longing for freedom, and we must do all we can to help. This deal was a step in the wrong direction. We were promised a new day in Cuba, but years later we have only seen an increase in the repression of the Cuban people.

Likewise, we have been watching the people of Venezuela suffer under a brutal dictatorship. The Maduro regime has mismanaged the nation's natural resources forcing the people of Venezuela to deal with food shortages and massive inflation.

Until Cuba is genuinely on a path to Democracy, we will see other countries, like Venezuela and Nicaragua, continue on a path to totalitarianism.

We cannot allow these injustices to stand. I am proud to announce my plan to continue the fight for freedom as your next Senator by fighting for the following reforms starting on day one: •Deny the Cuban Military all possible access to financial resources. Unfortunately, President’s Trump's Cuba policy has not been adequately implemented, and many Cuban military entities were not included in the initial list released by the State Department. As U.S. Senator, I will work to make sure that every single Cuban military entity is involved and denied all possible revenue.

•Bring Raul Castro to justice for the death of American citizens and crimes against humanity. It is well documented that Raul Castro ordered the shoot-down of the Brothers to the Rescue aircrafts twenty years ago, which killed three U.S. citizens and a legal resident of the United States. I will fight to declassify all material related to this tragedy and urge the Justice Department to initiate a thorough review for an indictment against Raul Castro for the murder of American citizens. I also believe that the United States should take the lead on the creation of an International Criminal Tribunal for Cuba for crimes against humanity and work to hold the Castro regime accountable for the horrific crimes against humanity.

•Fully implement both Title III and Title IV of 1996 Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity (Libertad) Act, which would allow all American citizens to sue companies and their subsidiaries for trafficking in stolen properties and deny foreign nationals involved in the trafficking of stolen properties in Cuba entry to the United States. This is the only way that the international community will genuinely understand that the U.S. is serious about its commitment to democracy in Cuba, and I will not rest until the Trump administration implements both of these measures.

•Deny entry to the U.S. to anyone involved in the act of repression in Cuba and establish a database of those involved in human rights violations. I will work to ensure the State Department revises its Visa Program so those engaged in acts of repression cannot enter the U.S. I will also work with the Department of Homeland Security to revoke all visas or residency status to any person who provided false information to gain entry to the United States and was involved in acts of repression in Cuba, and swiftly deported those criminals to Cuba. Additionally, I believe that the Castro dictatorship’s abuse of the non-immigrant visa program must be stopped and that agents of the Cuban government should no longer be granted visas under cover of “cultural or academic exchange.”

•Provide the Cuban people uncensored and unrestricted internet access. Cuba today is one of the least connected countries in the Americas. I will fight to ensure tech companies working with Cuba are working in the interest of the Cuban people, and not aiding the regime in perpetuating censorship and restriction of information. This can be done by proactively identifying the latest technology so that the Cuban people may have uncensored and unrestricted internet access, creating international awareness concerning the lack of internet access on the island, and holding companies that are cooperating with the regime’s censorship fully accountable.

•Review the Cuban Democracy Aid Program to make sure it’s being implemented to aid independent, pro-democracy efforts that establish the groundwork for free, multiparty elections with international supervision. The Cuban dictatorship continues to work aggressively to prevent the U.S. from aiding independent, pro-democracy efforts in Cuba – and I will not tolerate this. I believe the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) must conduct a thorough, agency-wide analysis to determine what policies and procedures need to be put into place to address intelligence and subversion threats.

•Reinstate the Cuban government to the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism. Despite Obama-era giveaways to the Castro regime, the U.S. has achieved very little concerning changing the behavior of the government in Cuba. Cuba continues to harbor fugitives wanted in the U.S., disregard democratic principles and treat its people with no regard for human rights. Reinstating Cuba to the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism will signal to the global community that the U.S. will not tolerate rouge nations that oppress their people.
Our nation must send a message to any dictatorship that the United States will not stand by as they mistreat their people. We have a chance to set a new course for the future of these once great nations and to send a strong message to the activists fighting for freedom that the people of America are standing with them.

Thank you for your time,

Rick Scott

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